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The Roku is a popular and pliable device, compatible with several platforms. It streams video content from the internet and lets you enjoy a range of entertainment including movies, series, news and a range of other genres. There are some subscriptions that let you watch live cable as well. Which also means, serious cord-cutters can ditch the cable and migrate to the Roku to watch the content of their choice, just like they would on the cable but at rates that are much, much cheaper. First, create a Roku account and thereafter go to Roku.com/link to enter the activation code that is received.

Creating Roku.com/link account (Roku Account Setup)

To enter the code at Roku.com/link, first, go to roku.com and create an account. At the WELCOME TO YOUR ROKU ACCOUNT screen, click on CREATE ACCOUNT.


After confirming to the agreement click on CONTINUE to complete account creation.

Roku Link Code

Device and setting up

Roku’s hardware setup process comes with some rather simple steps. The set top box sits outside your entertainment center and connects to the TV through the HDMI. Some devices like the Roku Express Plus support composite connectivity as well. If you are using a Roku Streaming Stick, then plug it directly into the TV’s HDMI port. The fact remains that Roku’s set-top boxes are extremely powerful and some of them come with signal boosters as well.

  • Once you have plugged the hardware in, power it up and follow guidelines as they appear on the screen
  • Sync and pair the remote by inserting the accompanying batteries
  • Then connect the device to the network

Wired and Wireless Setup

  • Roku link Activation Process (WIRED AND WIRELESS CONNECTIONS)
  • Scroll down to the SETTINGS menu from the Roku’s MAIN PAGE and here choose the first option, which is NETWORK
  • Here there are two options you can choose, either the WIRED or the WIRELESS

Network Connection

  • Thereafter, click on SET UP NEW WIRELESS CONNECTION and once you click on OK, the player scans the area and provides a network list
  • Enter the password through a virtual keyboard that appears on the screen
  • After that check the NETWORK screen to check if the STATUS option is visualized as CONNECTED and the SIGNAL STRENGTH field is displayed as EXCELLENT
  • Finally, a roku.com/link code appears on the TV

How to find Roku link code from TV?

The Roku Link Code on the TV is displayed only after all the steps of the hardware, software and wireless/wired setup have been completed. The hardware setup requires pairing the remote along with the player and then completing all the necessary questions or prompts that appear on the screen.

Thereafter, the software updates are automatically performed by the device once the network is set up. One of the steps requires users to create an account. For those who have already created the account, just have to login and enter the www roku com link enter code information that appears on the screen.

Enter Roku Com Link Enter Code

Roku players have to undergo a mandatory Roku Com Link Enter Code process to activate the player and allow content to be displayed on the television. To enter the Roku link code from the TV, first visit Roku.com/link on a web browser.

Roku Account Setup

Account on Roku

  • Instead of using the Roku player for Roku.com/link account creating, use a smartphone or a computer to visit the web page. Check the code visualized on the TV and enter it in the space available and hit SUBMIT.
  • A preferred channel or video content can now be added and linked to the existing account.
  • A MY ACCOUNT LINK present on top of the screen should display the serial number of the Roku device under LINKED DEVICES.
  • If you find any difficulty in finding the Roku.com link activation code, check with your Internet connection
  • Syncing delays after entering the Roku com link enter code are generally common
  • But if the screen seems to freeze, go back to the player to generate another code

Troubleshoot the Roku.com/link activation issues by dialing our toll-free number

Watch The Most Entertaining Channels On Roku

Spend your free time watching top & entertaining Roku channels and it’s always good if you stay away from your day to day job routine for a while. Entertaining channels are many and it’s your interest to choose the best one that you like the most. Roku.com/link channel categories include free channels, paid & private channels

  • If watching free channel is your choice, select the channel & click on Add channel tab
  • For paid channel activation, pay the subscription charges
  • Private channels require private channel access code for activation and code differs for each channel

Roku channels

Most Entertaining Roku Channels

Go for the best Roku.com/link channels and let us suggest the most entertaining channels. It’s good that a lot of new & entertaining channels are introduced this year

The Roku Channels 2019

The year 2019 welcomes you with new Roku.com/link channels and include court TV, Olympic channel, Ranker, Fox nation, Criterion channel, The weather channel and lot more. If you would like to listen to the latest music beats activate the top music channels

  • Spotify
  • Vivo
  • My tuner radio
  • Accu radio
  • Accu radio
  • Sleep Music
  • I Heart radio
  • Pandora
  • Beable

Simple Steps To Activate Roku Channels

Movie lovers will enjoy streaming entertaining movie channels such as crackle, Vudu, Popcorn flix, The Roku channel, Amazon Video, Netflix, HBOGo & HBO GO Now, Fandango Now and lot more. Stay updated to know what happens around you activating Roku news channels- News On, CBS News, CBS Sports HQ, Haystack TV, Sky News, Bloomberg, Haystack TV, Newsy and lot more

  • Once you decide the channel to watch, activate it on your Roku streaming gadget and the process is easy
  • Choose the best Roku device compatible & among available models, we have Roku streaming stick, Roku express, Roku Ultra, Roku premiere, Roku premiere plus & few more
  • Connect all the hardware requirements, turn your device on and opt for wireless network options
  • Roku.com/link account creation is easy if you visit the page https://my.roku.com/signup and provide the required data
  • Log in with Roku.com/link account credentials and navigate to respective channel search tab to begin your search
  • As the channel search results appear, make your selection and add the channel.
  • Make a note that for pay channels it is required to pay the subscription charges
  • For private channel activation, move to manage account tab & opt for the option, Add channel with a code

It’s good if you set the Roku account pin as it will help prevent unauthorized channel purchases.Contact our Roku com link support team for Roku channel activation assistance and troubleshooting.

Roku Activation Issues

Roku Error Code 001

The error code 001 simply means that the Roku.com/link device is not connected. For this, power off the player and remove cables from the router and the Roku. Thereafter power up the device again, while connecting the ETHERNET as well. The issue should have subsided by now.

Error code 003

  • This error is indicative of the inadequacy of the TV’s communication with the Roku server’s update. It could also mean that there is a firewall issue where the Roku refresh server is unavailable due to an inappropriate DNS.
  • Restart the complete set of associated devices including the router and the TV to alleviate the issue.
  • The USB can facilitate the manual refresh as well by HOME x 5 + FORWARD x 3 + REWIND x 2. Click on OK once you see the UPDATE SOFTWARE option.

Error Code 009

  • While the Roku device is connected to the router, the internet may not be available. For total loss of connection, it is best to consult with the ISP. Alternatively, change the DNS settings on the modem.
  • To ascertain whether the internet is indeed in working condition, check if another device gets enabled with the same network. If yes, change the configurations on the player.
  • Additionally, check for firmware updates
  • Next, change wireless channels and modify the ACL/MAC address filtering
  • Change DNS server information only after you have managed the Wireless Security Mode

Roku Error Code 11

  • When a connection to the Roku fails, the error code 11 appears. The device is unable to recognize and connect to the Roku Software Update Server.
  • At this time, reset the streaming player from the SETTINGS + NETWORK + REPEAT GUIDED SETUP.
  • All instructions provided by the player have to be performed in full

Roku Error Code 014

  • Essentially, Roku’s error code 14 means that the player is unable to get on to the local network. To resolve unplug the router from its power and plug it back after reboot is complete.
  • Additionally, the router’s security mode could also be altered to WPA-PSK (TKIP).
  • It is also advised to bring the player closer to the router to receive better signals.

Purple Screen on Roku

  • The purple screen or the HDCP ERROR DETECTED issue means that there has been a handshaking error
  • Before embarking on a solution, it is best to retrace all the steps for setting up the player
  • If the purple screen error is still visualized, disconnect all the cords including the HDMI to the TV from the Roku to power it off

Connecting all the devices

  • During reconnection, place the cables back into their place securely and firmly
  • For continuous purple screen errors, it is best to change the HDMI input to the TV. Use a cable that is less than 6 feet in length and is devoid of any defects.
  • Trying switching over to the AVR if possible and connect the Roku.com/link player into the TV directly
  • In the end, change the HDMI cable or even the TV

Roku error code

Display Type

  • Change the DISPLAY TYPE from SETTINGS + DISPLAY TYPE on the device. This setting is also an incessant cause of the HDCP error
  • For first time errors with the HDCP check if the TV indeed supports HDCP. Additional information, in this case, is usually available with the manufacturer of the appliance.


HDMI input does not support HDCP 2.2 error message

  • The HDCP 2.2 lets you play 4K and HDR content and Roku’s latest Ultra, Premiere and Premiere Plus all of them support 4K streaming.
  • The HDCP 2.2 error means that one of the devices within the associated chain of TV and player is not compliant with HDCP.
  • Device manuals invariably provide all the solutions
  • Check if the TV port is indeed compliant with HDCP 2.2
  • If you are running the device through an AVR, check for the AVR’s HDCP 2.2 compatibility.

Troubleshoot Roku Remote Issues

The remote is a crucial aspect of practically every device that can actually be controlled by one, whether it is your TV or your streaming device.

Roku Remote Not Working

  • If this piece of accessory on the Roku just stops working, then for an instant solution, perform a factory reset on the player.
  • Another remedy even before performing the factory reset would be to remove and reseat the batteries into the remote. This will remove any glitches present with the remote control

Green Light Flashing

If this issue is incessant and persists even after you have reseated the batteries into the remote, then align the IP address of the player with the router’s IP address

To install, configure, and troubleshoot the Roku.com/link player, call our numbers right now.


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