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Roku is the best market player well known for its wide range of media streaming devices with well updated features and apps. The greatest advantage which these devices possess is the brilliant feature of customization over the other market players. Being very user friendly, Roku devices are focussed on user interest, to help them customise according to their choices. Recognising the need for a guidance centre for these streaming devices, we have an expert team which aids in analysing the issues faced with these streaming players and guides users to fix them. The professional guidance and advice comes from team of well experienced product and experts, who have ample information on how to use these devices.

Do you need guidance?

The primary task customers face after purchasing a Roku device, is the device activation process without guidance. Though the process is very simple and user friendly, new customers who have just purchased a Roku device do find it hard to understand to fix or manage the glitches that appear in the installation and setup procedures. Customers require expert help or professional guidance on how to set the device successfully and complete the activation procedure.

How to add channels after Roku Activation?

Once the player is successfully activated, you can add channels of your choice to your account for streaming. The Channel Store shows the genre by categorisation which can easily help you pick your favourite shows or channels. The News feed which is a latest addition, keeps you updated with the latest shows or movies of your favourite actors or channels which you choose to follow. To enjoy these features, add the preferred channels to your account by following these steps:

  • Login in to your account
  • Navigate to the Channel Store
  • Select the genre or category you wish to follow, and click follow.

Do you know what is possible with the Roku Mobile App?

The mobile application released by Roku unveiled quite a few amazing updates which can help you access your favourite videos, music or any type of entertainment content with ease.

  • The App acts as a remote control which allows you to navigate and hold the control function through your phone
  • Supports inbuilt textsearch and voice search which is very handy
  • Enables functionality to send and share images or videos from phone to TV

What to do when you face Wi-Fi connectivity issues?

Wi-fi connectivity issues are very common with any streaming device. The reasons might be an inherent product glitch or even a low speed internet facility. We have brought out the major connectivity tips to guide you to solve these issues which you may face with your device. In case, you encounter a buffering connection you are advised to restart both the device and the modem, and check on your connection speed.

How to restart your Streaming device?

  • Switch off the device and remove the power cord from the device
  • After unplugging, wait for few minutes
  • Plug back the cord and power on
  • Login to your Roku account
  • Follow this procedure to see if the buffering problem has been removed.

How to check the network speed which is used for device connection?

For having a smooth and uninterrupted streaming, the minimum speed should be 10 MBPS. Anything less than that, could deter your viewing experience.

  • Choose speed test link from your browser.
  • Use the speed test option.
  • The test calculates the download and upload speed.
  • If you find the connectivity’s speed to be low, it would be prudent to upgrade your internet connection package.

Are you looking for Tips to improve your connectivity?

Our guidance and expert team lists these tips to follow for having good internet connectivity.

  • Check where the router is placed. Placement makes an important point for receiving good signal.
  • Check the placement of the device. The signal is always better when the device is placed closer to the router.
  • Always check if your router is updated with the latest software.
  • Ensure to check the network speed.
  • It is important to change the DNS servers to improve on the name resolution.

Learn the type of Error Codes which you may face with your player

Encountering error codes is one of the toughest situation you may face with your device. Tackling error codes requires expert help who can aid in explaining the cause of the code with the ways to fix the error. We have attempted to explain few common error codes where you may need help, if faced by you.

Code 014

The mobile application released by Roku unveiled quite a few amazing updates which can help you access your favourite videos, music or any type of entertainment content with ease.

  • Try connecting the device to modem through the ethernet connection
  • Wait till the internet connection becomes active, and once it does, choose wireless connection
  • By choosing your wireless connection option, the error faced by this code gets solved.

Code 011

When you encounter this error code, it is essential to remove the device from the power supply for few minutes. Try following these steps to eliminate this code

  • Remove the device, and power on again to see if the problem is solved.
  • If it is not solved, choose the Network option from settings
  • Redo the process of choosing the network, by signing in with the password.
  • If the network is connected, the device will start working. If the problem still persists, you will have to seek expert help.

Code 009

This code occurs when you are unable to see list of available networks for device connection. A system reboot is required to remove this error code.

  • Reboot the system that is used for device. Power on the system after 2 minutes.
  • Reboot the modem and the device as well to ensure removal of this error.
  • After starting up, you will find that the code has been eliminated.

Code 003

This code also arises due to a faulty improper connection. Our guidance team recommends you to follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  • Navigate to your route settings
  • Change your router settings, by having at least 802.11b/g to enable 3D to connect.

Choose the Best Guidance Centre

Informative services are very essential for the end users as constant help and guidance is required from the installation to the viewing process. It is not practically possible for the user to handle issues or functional problems by own accord, hence expert care is required. The expert guidance comes from professional experts who understand the base of any error and offer requisite solutions which helps the users enjoy their streaming experience.

We understand customers hit the panic button when their streaming device hits any error. We are here to empower users to help them learn how to manage their devices in a better fashion by letting them know product tips, installation and device operation.


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