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If a completely free platform is there to provide full-length movies and series from different channels then, the audience will surely have an affinity towards that channel. Yes, the channel exists. Sony Crackle is here to offer lot and lots of new videos covering different kinds of full-length movies and various episodes etc. Because of its free offer, it always stands out from the competitive crowd of channels.

With a great selection of movies and shows for their channel, they are covering a wide range of audience. In recent times, they have released a new option called ‘Always on’ that allows the users to search for other programs while watching a show. At first, the channel was named as ‘Grouper’ and later after purchase by Sony, it turned out into ‘Crackle’ channel. This blog focuses on steps about on the Roku device.

Highlighters in the Crackle Channel

  • Master Chef
  • Gattaca
  • The Interview
  • Hurricane Bianca – From Russia with hate
  • From Dusk till Dawn – Series
  • Ace Ventura
  • The Fifth Element
  • Luther
  • Extremely Loud Incredibly Close and even more.

Crackle Available Platforms

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon TV
  • Roku
  • Kindle Tablet
  • Windows mobile and browsers

Simple Steps To Activate Crackle on Roku by

First, finish the initial setup process for your Roku device to connect it properly with the Roku account. If you already own an account, log in with the necessary credential, otherwise, go to the webpage and enter the required information to create the Roku account.

  • Connect your Roku device with a strong internet connection and enter into the Roku channel home page menu.
  • To get your Crackle channel, search the channel by entering into the channel store or else you can also find it directly on the popular and Movies & TV category.
  • After selecting, in the channel home page select the ‘Add channel’ option to download and install the channel package on your Roku device. You can get the activation code on your TV screen after the channel package download.
  • Use this unique activation code to activate the channel and type this code in the field provided on the site Finally, the channel logo will be available on your Roku channel list. If it is unavailable, get a quick system update and restart the device.

This channel is a totally free one for the viewers, so no payment is required for the activation process. The only needed thing is the uninterrupted internet network because the faulty connection can lead to troubles in the code generation process. It also causes issues in the channel package download.

Crackle activation code not working

If the activation code is not working, then here are the steps to resolve those issues.

Step 1

Check the network connection is stable on the device. If there are any fluctuations on the network also may cause the troubleshooting issue. so after resolving the network related issue and get the code

Step 2

After getting the code, if you could not activate the code, then check that this issue is because of the link. Always use the registered link  to enter the activation code.

Step 3

If you can’t get the code, you can resend the code by navigating to the menu bar and choose my sony crackle option. Then tap on the activation option. Now you will get the activation code on the screen. Note the code and start to process the activation steps.

Step 4

Make sure that your HDMI cable is not older. If this is old so that you can not get the code. This may also serve as the reason if you don’t get the code. So change the HDMI cable and process to get the code.

Step 5

Make sure that you have not enabled the dark mode on the device. Check that you have enabled it. If yes, then disable the mode. This may also make the code not to be displayed on the screen

Step 6

If you can activate the code even after entering it on the proper site, sonycrackle com activate. Then you need to check that your code is valid or has expired before you enter the code on the site. Make use of the activation code before it expires and activate the channel

For additional queries on Roku device setup and Crackle com activate, get our technical experts voice support by calling to our toll-free number +1-855-718-4111 or visit Roku link enter code.

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