• The Payment method that is on the Roku account enables the users to purchase the subscriptions to the famous channels, rent and buy blockbuster movies and TV shows
  • Firstly, the user cannot bill all the channels via Roku account, and they will require a direct billing with the channel provider
  • After that, the addition or modification of the payment mode will not result in any charges to the account
  • Most importantly, the user can also create a PIN to stop unauthorized users from the channel purchasing
  • Go.roku.com/charge help has guidelines regarding updating the payment information

Go.Roku.com/charge help

Payment method updation of the Roku account 

Follow the steps below to start the addition or update of the payment information. 

Go.roku.com/charge help can guide the users on how to update the payment method

  • Firstly, open a new web browser and reach the Roku sign up site
  • And it can prompt to sign in to the Roku account
  • After that, click the Update button from the payment method section
  • Secondly, fill in all the fields and then click the Submit button
  • Most importantly, the user must update all the fields before submitting
  • To get more guidelines, reach Go.roku.com/charge help

Troubleshooting steps while adding the payment method

  • Go.roku.com/charge help has simple and easy guidelines to solve the raising issues
  • Firstly, in case if the credit card is selected, then check whether the information provided is correct
  • After that, make sure to with some other card and verify whether it works
  • Secondly, make use of the PayPal option if it is available
  • Moreover, make use of a different web browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc

Removing the billing information 

  • Go.roku.com/charge help has the perfect guidelines to remove the billing information from the Roku account
  • First of all, visit the Roku sign up site on the computer or the Android phone
  • After that, log in to the Roku account using the credentials once after prompting
  • Secondly, click the Update button from the Payment method section
  • Finally, click the Remove Payment method from the bottom of the page

Building up My Roku account 

  • At first, make sure that the computer and the Roku streaming device has access to the same network
  • After that, reach the Roku sign up site and click the link to Create account
  • Next, go to Create Account to start with the process
  • Secondly, fill in the form and most importantly, provide a valid email address
  • Now, give the Roku account with a valid email address and secure password
  • Thirdly, you must enter the PIN to authorize the purchases on the Roku store
  • Similarly, the Roku will now ask for the payment information
  • Choose the method of payment that you want to use either Credit card or PayPal
  • Pay your bucks and get the My Roku account

Activating My Roku device

  • At first, access the Roku account using the credentials like password and email address
  • Now, you will get the Roku activation code on the TV screen
  • After that, visit roku.com/link to enter the Roku activation in there
  • Secondly, provide the Roku activation code in this site and then click Activate device button to start with the activation process

How to review your purchase history?

  • At first, head to the Roku site on the computer or the Android device
  • After that, log in to the account after the prompt
  • Next, move down to View your purchase history on the My Account page section
  • Secondly, try to search for the invoice closest to the date of the charge on the credit card or PayPal account and then search for the cost that matches with the amount
  • Finally, this invoice will show the price and what was the charge for
  • Also, the user must confirm the purchase authorization settings
  • Check whether the cost was not made by someone else other than the account holder
  • And then the user must check whether there is a second account, other than the main Roku account

If you require further details regarding go.roku.com/charge help feel free to contact our technical experts for their assistance

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