Troubleshoot Low Power Warning on Roku With Go.Roku.com/lowpower

Roku streaming players are widely used by the worldwide audience for the daily entertainment. These streaming devices are available in different means like a streaming player similar to the DVD players, and compatible streaming sticks. With proper external hardware functionality only, the device can perform seamlessly.


Power Outlet

These streaming players are designed in a way to get power from either power outlet or from the TV itself. For the streaming sticks, it is very compatible to plug into the HDMI port and charging from the TV. But in some cases, trouble may arise because of insufficient power supply from the TV to the device. In this case, get troubleshoot with us.

Low Power Indication

At the time of Roku insufficient power indication also, the device can perform in a normal way. But using the device with this kind of power lack can lead to damage to the hardware, unstable connection and crashing of the device. So, it is better to do some precaution steps for this low power indication on go.roku.com/lowpower.

Go.Roku.com/lowpower indication

  • All the Roku streaming players have a flickering light in the device; this light normally flashes during your remote controls
  • If it is flashing red LED other than remote controls, then it shows that the device is receiving insufficient power supply
  • For streaming sticks, also this light indication is there, but most of the customers may plug the stick in the posterior side of the TV, which leads to the invisibility of the stick
  • In this case, the TV display will prompt the insufficient power through a message; this message may pop up during the device boot up
  • You can visit go.roku.com/lowpower site to rectify this issue instantly

Low Power Warning on Roku

Steps to Resolve Low Power Issue

  • Use the original USB cable provided in your Roku package for the streaming player, using some other cable may not able to conduct the power to the player
  • So, check, whether you are using the appropriate cable or not
  • Try out connecting the device to some other USB port on your TV as in some cases, insufficient power trouble may arise because of some defects in the USB ports
  • Use your power adapter, power cord from the package to connect the player or stick with the power outlet
  • Because of the stable power supply from the adapters, the Roku device can get enough power without any hindrance
  • Also, using the external power outlet from the wall can improve the device performance also
  • This is because, by getting sufficient power from the stable power supply, the Roku device can start instantly and doesn’t need to wait for the power supply from the TV
  • Check out the ports in your Roku players also, whether it has any damage or not

If you need more assistance in resolving the go.roku.com/lowpower issue, visit Roku.com/link or feel free to reach our agents by the toll-free number +1-855-718-4111