Everyone who has tried to stream something, or play something from even a DVR should be familiar with having to switch input channels. If you are going to connect Roku to your TV, then you will have to select your input at the Go.roku.com/selectinput stage of the Roku setup. If you didn’t know already, here it is for you.

Go Roku com SelectInput

Steps to Selecting the Roku TV Input at go.roku.com/selectinput

Roku’s setup is basically a three-step process:-

  1. The first step is to set the device up physically. meaning you establish a connection between Roku and your TV.
  2. The next step is to take your Roku online. This step will include connecting your Roku and your TV to the internet and also signing in to your Roku account.
  3. The final step in Roku setup is simply to activate the device by syncing it to your Roku account.

If this three are done, you can start streaming from your Roku. In here, the Roku.com/selectinput is a part of step 1. You will have to change the input from possibly TV/AV to your HDMI port.

Why do have to set Go.Roku.com/SelectInput to HDMI?

To understand this, you must know how step 1 in the setup process works. Using an high speed HDMI cable, you can connect the Roku to your TV easily. This is with one exception, of course. Roku streaming stick doesn’t have a cable to connect your Roku device to your TV.

While connecting your TV and Roku here are a few things not to overlook. Do not connect the device to TV with an adaptor or an external hub. So connect it directly to the TV. This connection should only be established with the high speed HDMI cable that came with the packaging.

These are the guidances from Roku to improve your streaming experience. So, please make sure to follow this instruction. After you connect Roku to your TV, you will need to switch the TV on and make sure that you can see Roku’s inputs on your TV. This is why you’ll have to change Go.Roku.com/SelectInput to HDMI.

If you have more than one HDMI port, select the port to which Roku is connected. Furthermore, if you have any queries related to Go.Roku.com/SelectInput, visit our hub Roku.com/link or feel free to call us @ +1-855-718-4111

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