Netflix is considered as the No.1 channel on the Roku. Browse the channel store on the player and you will see it listed as the first one under the top 50 list. Activate Netflix on Roku to get shows specifically curated and suggested for its dedicated viewers. It is also interesting to note that Netflix comes with some of the most accurate recommendations especially meant for the consumer’s viewing pleasure.

Activate Netflix on Roku

How to Activate Netflix on Roku?

About Netflix

Dig into a large library of original content and blockbusters and many recent releases as well. Some of Netflix’s originals are worth watching even a second time. With great editing, screenplay and high-quality resolutions, the channel’s original shows, both series and movies, should not be missed.

Using Netflix

Netflix is available on a range of streaming devices including the Roku. In fact, the player also includes a quick-launch button on its remote for users to get into the channel immediately. Netflix allows you to create multiple accounts. Browse the channel immediately from the following categories on the main page after you activate Netflix on Roku with

  1. Recently Added
  2. Trending Now
  3. Watch it Again
  4. TV Dramas
  5. Continue Watching For….
  6. Crime Movies
  7. Comedies
  8. British TV Shows
  9. Netflix Originals
  10. Popular on Netflix
  11. TV Shows
  12. TV Comedies

The Browse button

The list can be really overwhelming due to the sheer number of items that you get to watch. Users can choose the content of their preference, click on the BROWSE option to visualize a drop-down list that comes with several categories such as

  1. Home
  2. My List
  3. Originals
  4. New Arrivals
  5. Audio & Subtitles
  6. Ways to Watch
  7. TV Shows
  8. Action
  9. Anime
  10. Canadian
  11. Children & Family
  12. Classics
  13. Comedies
  14. Documentaries
  15. Dramas
  16. Faith & Spirituality
  17. Horror
  18. Independent
  19. International
  20. Music
  21. Musicals
  22. Romance
  23. Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  24. Special Interest
  25. Sports & Fitness
  26. Sports Movies
  27. Stand-up & Talk Shows
  28. Thrillers


Click on any of the above to open a new page that will contain content from that category. Some of these groupings come with the SUBGENRES option. For example, from the list above, if you click on TV SHOWS, you get to the page that will contain a drop-down list under SUBGENRES such as

  1. British TV
  2. Canadian TV Shows
  3. Kids TV
  4. Korean TV
  5. Miniseries
  6. Reality TV
  7. Teen TV
  8. TV Action, TV Comedies, TV Documentaries, TV Dramas, TV Horror, TV Mysteries and TV Sci-Fi.

Activate Netflix on Roku

While both Netflix and Roku need no introduction in their efficiency, here is how you can activate the channel on the player.

  1. For those who are using the Roku 1, you should find the channel on the main screen.
  2. If you don’t, you will most certainly find it under the MOVIES & TV category in the CHANNEL STORE.
  3. All options and guidelines to add it will be displayed the moment you click on the channel.
  4. The only difference between Roku 1 and the other devices is that sometimes, the channel is not visualized on the Home Screen for the player. The rest of the activation commands remain the same.
  5. You may also have to go to to enter the activation code reflected on the screen

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