If you wish to watch the Pluto TV and you face the troubleshooting issues, then don’t get panic on it. As here is the best tips and tricks to resolve the issues like Pluto TV not working on Roku

Circumstances which cause Pluto TV not working on Roku

  • Compatibility issues
  • Issue while you activating the Pluto TV Roku
  • Software related issues
  • Streaming issues- low-quality video or audio
  • Network connectivity issues

Resolving the issues to get the Pluto TV on Roku

Compatibility on Pluto TV Roku

Suffering on getting the Pluto TV on Roku, before starting the activation steps, you need to check that your Roku device model is compatible to stream the Pluto TV. Here is the list of supports and unsupport Roku device

Pluto TV Not Working on Roku

The models which support the Pluto TV must possess firmware of 7 and above. The devices which possess the firmware of 7 and less than 7 will not support the Pluto TV Roku.


Supported device

Unsupported device

On Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku SE supported models are models 27XX and Roku 2 (42XX) All Roku legacy device
All models from Roku 3 and Roku 4 Roku HD-XR(N1101), Roku HD(2000C)
On Roku MHL streaming stick, model 34XX Roku HD(N1100),Roku XD(2050X) and Roku XDS(2100X)
On Roku HDMI stick, model 35XXand 3600X Roku DVP (N1000), Roku SD (N1050)
On Roku random model 400,2450,2500,26XX,30XX,31XX,42XX All Roku firmware versions below version of 7


If you wish to check whether your Roku device supports the Pluto TV, then navigate to the settings and choose the system option. Tap on the about and get knowledge about your Roku device models and other information about the Roku device

Issue while you activating the Pluto TV Roku

  • Make sure that you complete all the steps for the activation
  • If you miss or skip the steps while activating the Pluto TV, then you might have to face the troubleshooting issue
  • After the channel activation refresh the home page and check that you could find the channel icon on the subscription list
  • While using the activation code to activate the channel, ensure that your activation code is valid and not expired before you use it

Software related issue

  • Before processing the activation steps, check that there is any software update on the Roku device
  • Similarly, also check that there is any software update on the Pluto TV app also
  • If yes then proceed with the software update steps as the software update also may result in the troubleshooting issue

Network connectivity issues

  • Try to stream some other channel on the Roku device
  • If even other channels face the same issue like the Pluto TV, then you must know that the Pluto TV network problem detected on the Roku device
  • So you must check whether the router produces the strong signal strength for the Roku device

If the above given Pluto TV guide not working, here we provide you some other tips and tricks to resolve the issue.

Pluto TV freezing on Roku

  • Ensure that you have updated your Pluto TV
  • Check whether there is any update
  • As this may also be due to the connecting issues
  • So ensure your Roku device is connected to the strong and stable network
  • Some times this may also happen because of the server issues
  • If you keep on facing this issue, then check whether your Roku device is compatible to stream Pluto TV

Pluto TV app is missing on Roku

  • After the installation of the Pluto TV on the Roku device, ensure you refresh the home page
  • Check the subscription channel list of your Roku device
  • Restart the Roku device and check that still the issue persists on the Roku device


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