Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick are two of the most prominent streaming devices in the streaming device market. While Roku has been one of the most bought streaming devices of all time, Amazon Fire Stick’s market share has been on the rise recently. People are confused about which one to buy, and that is why we are here! We will compare these two devices, Roku Vs Fire Stick, and tell you what’s best.

Roku Vs Fire Stick

Affordability | Roku Vs Fire Stick

When it comes to affordability, we would like to analyze this on two verticals. One, how affordable is the device, and two, how affordable are the channels on the platform.

Talking about the affordability of the device, Roku and Amazon Fire Stick are both priced lower than their competitors. They both have different versions and models of their products, specifically dedicated to a market segment. All of these devices are priced below what the other devices in the same segment. But in comparison, Roku is a bit more underpriced than Amazon, and the reason might simply be the amount of production.

Coming to the channels and their affordability, there is no actual competition here. Roku hands down offers the most channels for the least price.

So, in affordability, in the competition of Roku vs Fire Stick, Roku has a bit of an edge.

Usability and setup

When it comes to streaming devices, the amount of effort people put into setting them up is a bit high. So, every streaming device manufacturer is trying to cut these steps short and make their device the most user-friendly one. In that case, when it comes to Roku vs Fire Stick, which device has the easiest setup?

Strictly speaking, Roku has a better set up process. They operate on a simple three-fold setup process. The entire process of this set up does not take more than fifteen minutes.

But Amazon Fire Stick has come up with a workaround for this issue. They have convinced a lot of TV manufacturers to have the Amazon Fire Stick installed by default. Also, as a competitor to Roku Streaming Stick, which requires you to only plug it into the TV’s HDMI port, Amazon also has a stick that will let you set the entire device up by just plugging it into the TV.

So, both the devices have their own ways of making set up easier for the end consumer, and so we think both the devices deserve to take this point!

The Roku channel vs Amazon Prime

When it comes down to Roku Vs Fire Stick, we’d also like to compare what they bring to the table, on the content side. Obviously, Amazon has Amazon Prime, a streaming service that you can download a literally any smart device, and make sure that you can stream from the service at any given time.

On the other hand, Roku offers a channel of their own, the Roku channel. The channel, unlike Amazon Prime that’s free only on Fire Stick, is free on all platforms. The catch is, the channel is supported by ads, and you cannot choose to pay for the service and get it ad-free.

Considering how abundant Roku’s content library is, and how technically superior Amazon Fire Stick is, in the battle between Roku Vs Fire Stick, we have to side with Roku on this one! Because at the end of the day, content is what people buy a streaming device for! Amazon Fire Stick offers Amazon Prime for free, but also pushes it’s content before other creators. Roku, despite having it’s own streaming service, is not pushy with their content.

So, we’d recommend you buy a Roku device, if you are choosing between a Fire Stick and a Roku device. Visit Our toll-free number is +1-855-718-4111, and we’ll answer any of your Roku related questions!

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