About Super Bowl

  • The Super Bowl in U.S professional gridiron football, and also the championship tournament of the National Football League
  • Firstly, this game is represented by the champion of the league’s American Football Conference and National Football conference
  • And this game began of the merger of the NFL and rival American football in 1996
  • Secondly, the name rose as Super bowl as the game from various year and season that completes it and also used to indicate the specific games
  • The NFL Super Bowl on Roku is a great sporting event that gets more attention than any other sports
  • Moreover, the NFL is where the defending AFC and NFC champions challenge as the declaration as to the NFL winner
  • The NFL 2020 is happening in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia

Super Bowl on Roku

Head to Head competes

  • The New England Patriots
  • The American Football Conference’s titleholders
  • The Los Angeles Rams
  • The National Football Conference’s defending champions

On action- Roku and NFL

  • The super bowl on Roku can proffer quite channels, and certain free channels to stream the NFL games
  • Secondly, the NFL is completely streamed by the CBS channel
  • Thirdly, the Roku users can get stand-alone CBS application and downloading is simple for that
  • And in this method, you can stream super bowl on Roku

Is it possible to stream the NFL Super Bowl on Roku?

Yes, the Roku users can stream super bowl on Roku by downloading the CBS channel from the Roku channel store and activate it for streaming

Also, you can watch Super Bowl on Roku in Sling TV, Hulu TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV,

How to activate CBS channel on Roku?

  • The Roku user can download the CBS channel to stream NFL Super Bowl via the Roku account or using the Roku TV remote
  • Firstly, press the Home button on the Roku remote to reach Roku Home screen
  • After that, the user must access the Roku channel store to start with the downloading process
  • Secondly, in the find bar of the Roku channel store, enter the name of the channel or enter the keyword as NFL Super Bowl
  • A few results will appear and choose CBS from the results to watch super bowl on Roku
  • Moreover, select the Add channel option to add the channel to the Roku device
  • Similarly, after completing with the installation process, launch the channel app on the TV
  • Thirdly, after accessing the app, the Roku will throw the channel activation code to the TV screen
  • Make a note of the channel activation code and enter it in the Channel activation web page
  • Finally, the activation process will start and you can watch the Super Bowl on Roku

How to watch Super Bowl on Roku using the Fox Sports app?

  • To watch super bowl on Roku, firstly, download the Fox Sports app on the Roku channel store
  • On the search field, enter the name of the channel and then select the results
  • After that, select Add channel option to start with downloading the channel
  • Once completed with the downloading process, start with the activation
  • Reach the activation page of the channel and enter the activation code by accessing the channel app
  • Now, to watch the Super Bowl on Roku, go down the scroll list and find By Sport section
  • Secondly, search NFL in the By Sports section and click to launch the NFL section
  • The Super Bowl appears as the first option
  • Similarly, sign in with the Fox Sports profile or make use of the Live TV provider
  • On the other hand, click and go to the main page to reach the Navigation bar
  • After that, choose Settings screen and click Down on the remote to search for the Provider or pay-tv option
  • Finally, follow the on-screen guidelines to login

If you have any issues or information and doubts regarding super bowl on Roku feel free to dial to our technical support team for their assistance. Visit Roku link enter code for more info.

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