Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions indicate the legal bonding between the website and the customers. It is important to read and understand it before using our service or before accessing our webpage. Includes specific rules and regulations to be followed.

The Service that we offer

The service that we offer to our Roku customers includes the device setup and activation guide, troubleshooting instructions. Get the service that you require for your streaming device.

Privacy policy

Privacy policies become an important part of terms and conditions and it is all about the method of data collection, transfer and ways to secure the information collected from the users. The data collected from the users include personal information such as the name, email ID and password.


Strict laws and regulations are available to prevent the misuse or threat that may arise to our website. Few information or the data will be handed over to the concerned authorities if there is any requirement.

Copy Rights or Trademarks

It is not advisable to share the data or information available on our webpage or use it for personal use. Also, it is impertinent that information sharing is not advisable if and when taken from our website.

The Changes we make

Suggest you to read and understand the terms and conditions and privacy policies and changes on the same can be made without prior intimations. To get more updates or to know more you can navigate to our webpage or read the information provided.